Okay, I popped out a few years ago. I was then “recruited” and transported from my homeland of New Zealand to the University of Minnesota. This is where I began my formal OpenNMS education (indoctrination) during the OpenNMS DevJam of 2010. I was immediately appointed OpenNMS “Ambassador” due to my rugged good looks and captivating personality. It is my mission to travel with OGP members and meet the OpenNMS community. However, it turned that most of my travel was relegated to being hijacked by Indigo, Sortova, and “others”, taking advantage of my looks and charm and used as bait for attracting humans of the opposite sex. I’ll refer to this as my “initiation“.

This post is to announce that I have been promoted from ambassador to OpenNMS “Boss”. This is the top position within the OGP and has the responsibility of keeping the developers in-line, focused, and out of trouble. A big job, I know, but this Kiwi is ready!

Additionally, I will be be bringing the latest news on all things OpenNMS and as a liaison (spy) within The OpenNMS Group, Inc.

Next week, I’m on my way back to Germany….