Like all software development teams, the OGP often comes up with project code names to facilitate communication about the different projects under development. A few of the OpenNMS 2.0 features that we have underway are being developed under the codename “Snmnepo”, or Sneepo.  During a recent Google Hangout scrum session, Tak overheard this project name for the first time and assumed we were all eating “Schnitzel and Pomme Frites”, a.k.a. Schnipo (Shneepo) in Germany.

Speaking of development projects, in the development release, 1.13, the team has created a new topology map and Antonio has made many improvements to Linkd.  I’ll cover more of this in a future post in the near future but I did spend sometime on an introductory presentation for this technology we call STUI (Stewie) for Semantic Topology User Interface.

So, now every time I hear the team discuss the Snmnepo project, my mouth starts watering and I find myself booking a ticket to Fulda!